Saint Lucie Christian has been educating young leaders on the Treasure Coast, since 2004.

Our Vision

Under the leadership of Pastor(s) Jason and Kim Baumgardner, Saint Lucie Christian has grown from a one room school house with 3 elementary pupils, to over 240 pupils across 2 campuses; featuring a full sports program, digital media center, creative arts, S.T.E.A.M. based robotics, gardening/botany classes, and a literature rich curriculum.

Saint Lucie Christian offers students an education from a Biblical Worldview, while training each child for academic success, careers, and a bright future!

Saint Lucie Christian is A Place Where Kids Love to Learn and Learn to LOVE! Primary Grade students are given a well-rounded literature based educational curriculum with phonics, reading, cursive, history, bible, classics, creative arts, and mathematics, preparing them to be forever learning and exploring!

Saint Lucie Christian School Students are empowered to achieve their dreams ! Creating thinkers, communicators, and articulate young students who can Dual Enrollment College & High School, explore Career Options, S.T.E.A.M. Program, graduate with Tech-certifications, and who exhibit character and leadership skills. SLC prepares students for a 21st Century career focus by Inspiring MINDS ~ Empowering FUTURES ~ Changing the WORLD

Saint Lucie Christian School maintains a school active affiliation with FCCPSA/Florida Christian Coalition Private School Association and maintains compliance with Florida’s Dep’t. of Ed’s requirements for participating private schools. Our staff and faculty are Level 2 Background checked, highly trained, committed, and they actively participate in meaningful Christian church services locally. We believe each teacher and child deserve the best opportunity to teach and learn! Our staff are expected to adhere to a high moral character, to recognize the Bible as a guide for their lives, and they are role model Christian educators!

Letter From The Executive Director

From the Executive Director,

As a long time residents of the community, Pastor Jason and I, recognize that developing young adults, as our future leaders is imperative! Together, we have served over 30 years, in numerous youth development programs, student boards, non-profits, youth ministries, educational programs…and we hope to see young people reach their potential – while avoiding as many pitfalls as possible.

Your children deserve the best educational options available. We have invested in quality staff and faculty, improved building/property expansion, grant writing/fund development/scholarship opportunities, athletics, technology/S.T.E.A.M. enrichment – to enable our students to have the best atmosphere for attaining high academic pursuits.

We are strong believers that all children will prosper and love to learn, when given a safe, secure class in which to be inspired to think, to dream, and to explore.

As parents, you want to make the best choice to empower your child to succeed. At St Lucie Christian, we have that same goal, to educate and to inspire our pupils to reach their dreams!

Our heartfelt desire is to see each child grow and learn! We are looking forward to meeting you and your family!

Kimberly Baumgardner